Drapes and Bedding

Custom Drapery and bedding are what “pull” a room together – the fabric, design, and fit make them work  - or not.  This is where you can make costly mistakes without proper guidance.

We help you look at all the elements of window treatments or custom bedding – style, fabrics, hardware, construction, and budget.  Our in-depth advice offers you a comprehensive look at what’s appropriate for your room and give you the facts, costs, and design information you will need to make confidant, smart choices. 

We offer original designs and unique solutions – not just the same tired, old patterns.  We stay informed on the latest, most fashionable, and most economical trends.  The English Touch design services mean that we suggest the best ideas for your individual home and then have them professionally completed in a workroom that only does drapes. 

Remember, there is a real difference in the results of an insightful, inspired window treatment of The English Touch design service.  We show you simple strategies for getting more out of the fabric and trimmings and how changing how one small detail can give you the same look within your budget. 

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