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Finally, interior decorating  assistance for the way YOU want to live. 

The English Touch in unequalled for putting into practice YOUR ideas – not ours.  We are not committed to anyone’s style, but yours.  We listen to you and the way you want to live.  Instead of dictating a style, we show you how to achieve interiors thoughtfully designed for real people with real lives with real budgets. 

Rather than giving you one design, we give you dozens of useful ideas for transforming a new home, or a renovation, an update, or a re-mix into a comfortable, light-filled home. We discover simple solutions – such as flooring changes, half – walls, and alcoves can create inviting spaces.

We help you learn how to blend old and new, create a striking color scheme, open up a small dark kitchen or bath, get more space without adding on, or find room for extra storage.  Unlike any other home decorators, we do an in-depth analysis of your current home and ask what you would like it to be.  We then create a plan of comprehensive ideas with unbiased information and options with estimated costs to help you realize your decorating vision.  We then provide sources for completing the plan, not just from our shop, but from anywhere in the world! We give you access to items that are not normally available in your area saving you time and money. 

We believe a home consultation in combination with a personal visit is the best way to introduce you decorating services that are unlike any other, you owe it to yourself to see how The English Touch frees you from the ordinary and opens up a whole new world of decorating possibilities.  We give you smart, informed recommendations to transform your home. 

Visit us, call us , or email today, to see how you can have a home decorating plan that will achieve, within your budget, a home that reflects your life, your values and your dreams! 

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